Happy Wednesday!

Had a great day at work today. No particular reason, but was energetic, and upbeat nonetheless, even though I didn’t go to bed until 12:30am! And I will probably do it again tonight! Came home, and greeted my husband with a hug, and a smooch, and asked him how his day with Kirra went. They didn’t make it to the gym, but he’s going to just skip it tonight and go tomorrow.

I had LOTS of running around to do tonight, so I just cooked a quick microwave dinner for the three of us, (because I like to cook), and then Kirra and I went to AWANA for the first time. Its basically Sunday School for kids. She really liked it. I was the only parent there. Everyone else leaves there kids at church and go off shopping,or on a date night. Does anyone else go to Awana and leave there kids there? This is not my home church that I go to. I think if I was just “dropping” her off at Eagle Brook I’d have a totally different approach, but I don’t know these people. It was fun though. I will bring books to read while she is in her lesson, and perhaps someday I may run across the street (literally) to Target.

After AWANA Kirra and I flew into target to get stuff for the cabin. I’ll be dropping Kirra off at my parents for 3 nights & 4 days. It will be the longest she’s ever been away from us. While I will be sad,it will be nice for Jason and I to spend some time together as just adults, and for longer than just a date night! So,i’m excited.

Need to read and journal tonight, and of course watch Days of our lives. Tomorrow is my last day at work until Monday! Nice vacation :)Can’t wait!

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