Sandbox K

A week or so ago my co-worker gave me her kids old sandbox with white beach sand for K to play with. At first she wasn’t too sure she liked it, but she’s been warming up to it. K’s been good. She still has her cough but is a lot better than before! She will be 18 months old in just 10 days. I can’t even begin to believe how fast time is going.
Last weekend was the big Get in Gear 10K, and I did really well. I even surprised myself a little bit. I didn’t feel well at all last weekend, but I took lots of Motrin, sudafed and antihistamine and made it thru. I’m thinking the 10K might just be my favorite distance of all time.
I had to go back to the doctor early last week, because I still can’t hear well. Hopefully that will get better with time, drugs or something! I’m already on my 2nd batch of antibiotic, and I think it might be working a little bit…. If not, my PA gave me a consult to ENT and I have an appointment in a week or so.
It’s event mode now with my full time and part time job, so I’m definitely keeping busy. I’m so fortunate to work in an industry that I love. Next weekend is fishing opener/Moms Club over, Moms day 5K that I will run with K, and Blaine garage sales , so its going to be a very busy week coming up!

I love you baby K.


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