Well as most of you know by now (if you’re on Facebook) we lost our sweet Eli on September 20th. I think the reason he was so sick was due to an obstruction. So we are grieving still. We are overwhelmed with their support. I will write a full post some day.

Last weekend was “marathon weekend” and despite the rain & drizzle it was a great weekend! Normally I ride a golf cart behind the last [official] runner, and sweep vehicle, and this year I was able to ride my bike. I usually biked up ahead at least a 1/4 mile to 1.5 miles ahead of the sweep, which was really enjoyable. I was able to talk with the volunteers more, encourage more runners, and just overall do my job easier. So I think this may be a tradition going forward.
Jason is all done traveling [for now at least] and has been making some MAJOR improvements in the backyard! He filled in the pond with a bunch of dirt and made a rustic retaining wall.
Little miss has conferences next week, and I’m excited to hear how she’s doing. She recently passed to the next level at gymnastics, and we’ve enrolled her at Foss Swim School because its much closer to home than Life Time. We really love LTF, but it makes for a stressful Monday.
Sunday’s at our house are all about relaxation, football [Jason] church & house group (which is like a bible study type thing in the evening. Just I go to this 🙂 )

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