Up Next

As I wind down my journey through the book “Greater” to I feel myself standing as if peering out into the horizon on the Grand Canyon.

I’ve been told I can do greater, and I believe I can, but now what? I have a few things in mind, like turning my [very small] photography business/hobby into a non-profit, but as I read the closing chapter and pastor Steven Furtick prayed over us I realized I need to just start being greater where I am.

At home, in my relationships (as a wife and a mother, and friend), at work, and anywhere else the wind blows me.

I’m not going to settle anymore for being standard, or for merely “trying” to be a good Christian. But actively pursuing to be more like Christ. I’ll pour out my heart little by little with God holding my hand every step of the way.

Here are my goals  for greater  for 2013.

1.) Spending more [quality] time with my husband. Instead of merely passing the time watching shows, or at worse spending time in separate rooms, actively planning dates, even free dates when money is tight. We’ve been together (mostly) for over 12 years, and married for almost 7. Its easy to get comfortable and not have that flirty passion you had in the beginning  but reminding oneself to turn off the Pinterest, put down the knitting, and spend time with the hubs and pursue him more like I did in the beginning!

2.) Making more memories for with my daughter. As an only child its really up to me (and dad) to shower our daughter with companionship. Yes – she has companions at school, but allowing her to watch the iPad after school, or at night alone, instead of building a fort with her, and watching a movie together etc is something I need to focus on more. Its too easy to be tired from a day at work, and running errands, and to just want time for myself, but there is a wee one who needs me, and there will come a time  likely in six short years [as a teen] when she will tell me she needs me no more. I want to treasure these precious days while I still have them!

3. Finish the bible by June. Whether I stick with the chronological plan, or read the rest straight through – I  need to finish it. And continue reading christian books that can help build my knowledge to support my goals in #4.

4. Unashamed Impact. On Twitter and Facebook I’m committed to sharing the word of God, and re-tweeting to a bunch of strangers all things Christ, but in the real world I find myself trying to be too politically correct. This year with Gods courage I’ll stand up for what I really believe in, and find opportunities- that if I paused and looked a little harder- are being poured out all over to share the love of Christ everywhere I go.

Here is to 2013 and the Greater things to come!

One thought on “Up Next

  1. Thanks for sharing these with us! I am proud of you; you put them out here for all of us to see and allow us to hold you accountable too! I think you have inspired me to do the same! See, it is working already!


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