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I’ve been blogging an awful lot through the bible study Greater, which if you or your group hasn’t picked up a copy – I strongly suggest you pick this book up!

But – I wanted to catch you up to what I’ve been doing with my journey of reading through the entire bible in 365 days. As you know I started last June, and although I’ve missed some days – i’ve worked very hard on following chasing christ through the bible to see how His Story has been interwoven through the old testament, and how it points to our savior.

Of course I’ve picked up some nuggets for myself along the way – because after all… isn’t that what the bible is about? It is the Story of God, and I believe a handbook for humans to show us how to do life. Its been a little tricky to blog through because this chronological plan because it jumps around so much, but I recently read through Jonah & Micah ~ two of my very favorites, and I just started Hosea!

Hosea – oh boy! At first sight i’m reading through the sad fall of Israel and how they’ve turned their back on the Lord, when after all they’ve done the Lord still reaches out and says, I love you. I have a copy of the Mom’s Devotional Bible, and I love how it has paraphrased Hosea and motherhood; that no matter what your children do, its important as moms to show them a steady love!

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