On the Eve of Christmas Eve

On this eve of Christmas eve – i’m taking a quick break from knitting (which is my new past time) to jot down a few thoughts, and updates. Sorry that we didn’t send out a Christmas card this year! Life got crazy with school wrapping up – so you’ll have to make due with our blog! We so appreciate all of the cards and photos we’ve received from family & friends however, and they’re lining our pantry door! I finished up this past semester (Chemistry) and got an A in that class! (YAHOOO!) I’m now taking a break as I stated in earlier posts, which will be indefinite. I’m not sure when/if I’ll start back up again, but I know this – LIFE IS GREAT right now! Things are winding down a bit for Jason at work – which means he’s consistently IN TOWN, which makes for a VERY happy Lindsey & K Unfortunately he came down with some bug (cough/fever), but is on the mend for Christmas. Me – I’ve been knitting up a storm, which I just took up last week! I’m bordering on obsessed! Jason got me a gift card to Amazon – which I instantly blew on more knitting supplies. Need a hat, scarf or mittens? Screw Etsy- give me a call! (somewhat kidding – I can only do straight garter stitch knitting, and have only knitted scarves. Need a scarf? Call me!) Gran would be proud! We recently celebrated my dads & my birthday (same day) yesterday over at my parents. My mom made a feast of my favorite – toasted angel hair pasta with sausage & peppers, and a keys house cake. We got a little out of control with singing happy birthday – but when aren’t we out of control when we sing that song? Other than that – K is wildly awaiting Christmas, and has tried to find her Christmas presents by opening cupboards & closets etc. I’ll post again after the holidays – but until then! Merry Christmas friends!

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