Little is much when God is in it

This week for our Greater topic I chose to write about what I can do to become greater. Chapter six is all about using what we have to further the mission of God. Don’t have a million bucks? Donate that $10 in your pocket that you’re just going to waste on a Starbucks! Don’t have time to go on a mission trip? Go volunteer at a local charity.

I’m always saying to myself – once my husband and I pay off some bills and we have extra money – then maybe I can go on a mission trip, or give more.  My focus has always been money – because that’s what everyone is always asking for. Not only are things tight in our household because we’d like to be completely debt free, but also my husband is agnostic – so the thought of giving 10% of our income to church or charity- probably isn’t in the realm of possibilities in the near future.

But my time is a possibility. See, my husband is extremely supportive of my walk with Christ, and interestingly enough often encourages me! (“hon wake up, time for church”). I’m raising our daughter in the Christian faith, and he 100% backs it. Though its not for him [yet] – he doesn’t want to ‘ruin’ that for our daughter. I thank him with all of my heart for this!

He doesn’t mind- or think its odd when I want to serve at church, or volunteer at Feed My Starving Children etc, and if I make [side job] money and want to donate that – he doesn’t mind. So what do I have? I definitely have time.

I realized just a few months/weeks ago that my pursuit of my nursing career (i’m taking generals at the moment) needs to be put on hold. It wasn’t just a “chemistry is super hard” but a real nudge from only what I could say was God that said “put this on hold”.   Not only because this is precious time that I am spending away from my daughter, but I have a job I truly love, and co-workers I adore.

I have a bachelors degree in Health Education, and I really am content! Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and although my background [from time in the Navy] was in the medical field – being now 8+ years out of it I may find that I’m only remembering the good points. I feel God is leading me away from this path; at least for now.

So – what to do with all of my new free time starting this Saturday the 15th? (my final is Saturday morning)…. VOLUNTEER & Raise money and awareness! I have a heart for serving others, and my daughter does as well. I recently [last October] did a photo fundraiser for Feed My Starving Children. I’m an amateur portrait photographer, so I set up this “one day – and one location swing by this ‘said’ park and 60% of the proceeds will go towards FMSC. ”

Just last weekend (i’m so behind on things sometimes due to college) I finally swung by FMSC with my daughter right as they were ready to do a pack with a bunch of volunteers. They asked if we wanted to stay to help pack, and I asked how old kiddos had to be to volunteer, and she said 5. Interestingly enough my daughter just turned five, so I said, well we have a few hours to spare- why not.

Guess what? My daughter absolutely LOVED it! So what can I give? Time and resources. God blessed me with taking photos, and I’m not trying to make money off it (well a living I should say) so I can use that tallent to give to an organization that does so much with so little. Its truly a loves and fishes organization! So I feel God is leading me towards making my photography “company” a non-profit! I’ll start out small, and see where it takes me, and in the mean time – I can spend time with my daughter doing something we both love, and something that chases after Gods heart!

5 thoughts on “Little is much when God is in it

  1. First of all, I am so happy that your husband encourages you to go to church. Your servant's heart is undeniable in this post and I will be praying that your husband might soon be able to find the same joy that you feel in the Lord. But, for now, I think you are doing exactly what you need to be doing. Following God's call on your life. I was once in pharmacy but was led away from it for health reasons. My connection with it is not the same but it's amazing how God has brought other areas to light in my life where He can use me instead. Taking photos is a gift and I'm praying that God will use the "oil" that you have and bless it. Loved your post sweet spirit! Thank you!BlessingsKristi Seat(OBS Leadership Team)


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