Welcome to 2013

Welcome family and friends to 2013. I hope everyone had terrific holidays! We can’t believe they’re already to a close, but we’re excited for what 2013 brings. All five christmases were great minus my ear infection/perforated ear drum. We were all blessed with such great families, and everyone had such a generous heart! Jason and I rang in the new year by starting out at Rick & Nicole’s house for her birthday, and then came back home and drank champagne, and played hair dresser with K! Today we dusted off the old juicing machine, and are going on an adventure of juicing! Its so easy to get 7 whole servings of vegetables in just one cup! We are focusing on eating healthier again as we always do each year. We’ve been doing pretty good these past few years, and continue each year to add something new. Jason and i were going to run the Commitment Day 5K, but it was like 2 degrees outside so we opted to sleep in instead. We’re thinking about running one 5K each month together as a family – so perhaps we’ll find something towards the end of the month, if its by chance warmer. These first three months will be race day sign ups since they’re colder! That’s all for now. Here’s to 2013, and continuing to being healthy!

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