Keeping up with us!

Man I’m doing a terrific job keeping everyone updated, but maybe that’s what I should do – just blog once a month or so!

I ended my last post with the fact that our friend Lisa was living with us. She has moved now back to Arizona, so it’s just the family of three again. We’ve turned her room back into a playroom, and have added a playroom upstairs too! Our “old” upstairs living room has no furniture in it really and we NEVER go in that room, so instead of wasting it I’ve turned it into an upstairs playroom for K.
K turned 5 yesterday! Can you believe that? I remember when she was just a baby, and now she’s FIVE!!! Unfortunately she was sick, and still is sick since Saturday with a fever that goes from 101.5 up to 103.6. We switched from Tylenol to Motrin and she is really responding well to the Motrin. The motrin knocks her temp to normal, but without it – fever city. My poor girl. She is quite congested as well, and is also snot city, and snorville at night. I can’t wait for her to start feeling better! I stayed home with her yesterday. Jason today, and me back tomorrow. Hopefully she can attend school on Thursday!
Jason has been home for a while now, and I believe he will be until at least the new year. (EEK).
My other HUGE news is that after this semester I’m going to take a break from school. I realized that K is FIVE now, and after taking a peek one night at my course load I wouldn’t be done with school until 2018… K would be 10/11, and I’d miss much of her childhood. Plus I don’t have time to just hang out and watch a show with Jason at night most of the time, so I’m putting my nursing on pause for now. Maybe I’ll pick it back up again someday, and maybe I won’t. But I took a good look at my life and decided that I already have everything I want and need right here, but I’m too busy for it! So… I pause.
Other than that in a few weeks I will be toeing the line of the Fast Before the Feast 5K with my sister, my aunt & uncle (maybe a cousin or two), and MAYBE….. drumrolll…. JASON. I’m going to turn him into a runner! 🙂
Love to all!

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