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Lessons from Leviticus

What is my main takeaway from Leviticus? Man am I glad for Jesus! Reading through all of these requirements of the sin offering, and the burnt offering, and the peace offering etc etc etc makes me so thankful that Christ laid himself out as the final sacrifice.

My head was swimming this past week trying to comprehend all of the things I would have to do each day to atone for my sins.

Leviticus 14 was especially thorough in all you had to do should you encounter a skin diseases!

Anyways – its reminding me to be more thankful to God in what he did on the cross. Not only did he pay my “access” ticket into heaven, he also wiped away the need to offer more and more sacrifices to God.

Leviticus is also pointing out how HOLY our Father is. How set apart he is from us. Could anyone actually follow through all of the sacrifices? I’m not sure any of us could be right in front of God! But through the lens of Christ we are made new.

Over the past two weeks or so I absolutely fell in love with this song by Addison Road – What do I know of Holy? Reading through the book of Leviticus really really has put this in to perspective… what do I really know of the word Holy? Its not just angels coming out to sing Halleluja, or fasting on certain days… God is so far past magnificent for us to understand – what do I really really know of Holy?


Thank you Christ for what you’ve done for me!

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