Mommy wins today!

There comes a point in time when you fall off the wagon – I’ve fallen off the wagon. Both in blogging and working out. In my defense I’m a bit busy with going back to school for pre-nursing, manning the house, and watching Little Miss. Thursday evening turned out to be a bit – stressful. Our good friend Lisa who sits for K on Tuesdays & Thursday’s noticed a tick on her upper leg but was unable to get it off- so I got home, took the tick off without waking her, and I thought all was well. Until about 11:45 p.m. when she started crying about her ear hurting. I gave her some Tyelenol, and she promptly fell back asleep. I did some more homework, and headed to bed about 12:30 a.m. when she really started hooping it up! So I brought her in my room where she proceeded to cry, and thrash around until 6:00 a.m. [Friday] when she FINALLY let me put ear numbing drops in her ears. I got a total of 45 minutes of sleep, obviously took her to the pediatrician, and sure enough – ear infection. She prescribed K a new antibiotic and little miss let me know how much she didn’t like the taste of it by refusing to take another sip of the 6mls required! Saturday we went to Cub so I could bribe her with yogurt, pudding, and sherbet if she took her meds. It seemed to work for the morning dose. Later in the day we headed up north to watch my nieces dance in a competition. They both did extremely well, and K enjoyed watching them dance. (I did too). My younger niece danced one of her routines to this song, which made me cry pathetically. Not just a spare tear here or there- no. Full on water works baby! (oh expletive – i’m crying again!) Once we got home from the dance competition it was medicine time, where K blatantly refused to take anymore meds. Crying, tantrums the whole bit. So I figured on Monday I’d call her pediatrician to get new meds. Today, I met up with a co-worker for church, where EBC hit it out of the ballpark again with the message. I love my church and the relevant messages they do week after week. Today was about starting over. If you’ve made a mistake or a bad choice- just start over! I had plans of taking lil K to Chutes and Ladders down in Bloomington, which is the coolest outdoor park around, but the ground was still wet due to a rainstorm all day yesterday, so we went home and decided to do some yard work instead (still outside -so not sure on my logic). I knew I needed to do a little yard tidying up before it turned into the amazon rainforest it did last year. I mowed, dismantled the overgrown garden, and scooped poop! Fun times! Afterwards we came inside to give K a bath, because she was mud from head to toe! After she got out I had this great idea of going to to the gym, and K was so excited because there is an indoor playground which she loves. Well, we drove 9 miles to the gym and arrived at 4:30 where we learned the kids area closes at four. Well, now I’ve got a severely disappointed four year old on my hands to which she exclaims, “Let’s go to McDonald’s and play inside..”, so, reluctantly I agreed. Had chicken nuggets and a Dr. Peper, all of which tasted kind a gross. But…little miss had found two girlfriends to play with there so it was worth it. Tomorrow I’ll be attempting to go to the gym again (Since Kirra today pointed to my muffin top and exclaimed I was “fat”). Once we got home it was time to settle down, so I turned on a little Curious George for her, and then a thought occurred to me! Put her medicine in one of her smoothie bottles w/o her seeing! I did, and she is none the wiser exclaiming, “These smoothie drinks are delicious”. Score 1 for mommy!

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