Herbs De Provence

…among other things I am completely and utterly addicted to this website called Pinterest. It is a social media website which is a huge time waster largely for women to decorate houses we can’t afford… pick out clothes we can’t fit into, or can’t afford, and DIY crafts we will rarely actually do. I am pretty proud of myself for actually doing a small handful of the hundreds of things I’ve “pinned”. I made this amazing smelling Williams Sonoma Home Scent…. made an organizational snack basket for my little miss – and today I gathered the ingredients for these decedent looking chicken cupcakes I plan to make later this week! (yeah you heard me… chicken cupcakes) One of the ingredients I was trying to find was Herbs De Provence. Herbs De who? Exactly. It’s a southern french spice blend that is used in a lot of chicken dishes etc. I looked all over the dry spice aisle at the local grocer and couldn’t find it. So I began looking up what spices were in it. One of them was lavender along with thyme, savory, marjoram, and rosemary. I wasn’t at Whole Foods Market so I figured my chances of finding lavender were pretty darn slim… but then like a magical hidden jewel – I found it – Herbs De Provence. It cost me a pretty penny – but my brother-in-law who loves to cook said that it will take potatoes, and other dishes from zero to hero. I’m hoping he’s right. I will post next week how they (the cupcakes) turned out. This week is brilliant. I don’t have much going on which is a welcome reprieve from the usual. Perhaps I’ll even get to bed before midnight this week! (That’s hilarious,although I have switched to Decaf for the afternoons now). I plan on spring cleaning my house,and chucking everything and everything I haven’t used in the past year. The temps are in the 60’s and 70’s this week, and the trend continues into next. Happy Spring to all- I’m off to look up some home organizing tips on Pinterest!

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