Barbie Lost a Face

This has been a fun and exciting week! Sadie found a fun dog park, I’ve had a math test, and studying for my psych final and oh yeah – K started Gymnastics! Sadie has been – out of control on the eating stuff issue. E.g. shoes, barbies, pillows, furniture, anything that little bugger can get her teeth into – say goodbye! Unfortunately with my schedule I just haven’t had time to run or rollerblade with her like I had intended. I keep finding a faceless, handless, and footless Ken, a half eaten shoe, and torn underwear. (She has an underwear fetish- super weird I know). So – I took her to the Elm Creek dog park in Maple Grove where she happily played and romped all around for nearly two hours! Its almost 30 acres of pure bliss for the Sadie meister. If I could get her to heel when I called for her – all would be perfect, but all in all she did pretty good. She enjoyed running around with her friends, and found quite a few little pups to romp around with. She also went swimming for the first time. There are a few ponds there for the dogs to swim in, and she went chasing after a ball. At first she didn’t know she could swim, but then she soon realized, hey – I can do it. She wasn’t eager to go off and train for swimming the english channel, but she still liked wading in the shallows. I think it will be a new semi regular venture for us because she proceeded to sleep for the rest of the night, and ate zero barbies Wednesday night! Barbie:1, Sadie:0. I have two lovely weeks left of school and a mere three days left of Algebra! I am SO EXCITED to be done with that class, although my next regular class in the fall will be Chemistry which I think involves plenty o’math. I just hope its not factoring polynomials! My psych final is next Wednesday- so if you think of it please pray for me to close out these next two weeks with a bang! Finally, after watching my niece’s dance competition K was wanting to do gymnastics again. While she was highly intrigued watching the dancing she voiced her opinion several times she wants to do gymnastics again. Since I wasn’t overly impressed with the place that she started out I researched a few other gyms in my area and found one super close to my house that looks and feels like a real gymnastics gym rather than a yuppy gym trying to pass off as a gymnastics gym. I don’t need K to be the next Shawn Johnson (unless she wants to), but better teaching methods are appreciated. She had her trial class earlier in the week and we’ve already had our permenant class again this week! Such a lucky girl doing it twice in a row. The thing I really like about this gym is that they do not have sessions. (e.g. 10 week sessions) – its perpetually all year ’round with no breaks, and you’re just billed monthly, and automatically which I like. If you want to quit- you quit. If you want to join, you join whenever. You don’t have to wait for a “session” to start. K listens very well to her teacher, and is really liking it. I think she was just to young, and I didn’t like how the other class was set up – too distracting. This class – they spend the 1st 10 minutes in the big gym with the “big girls” and then the rest of their class is spent in their classroom with the typical preschool gymnastics equipment. There is a window in the classroom that the parents can see through in the waiting room, except its a mirror to the kids- so they don’t get distracted by looking at mom and dad. I absolutely LOVE this place! Well tomorrow we’ve got a birthday party, errands, and more – so I best hop off to bed! Toodles!

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