Dirt Road Cabin on Big Ole Lake

We got things going around 10:00 a.m. on Saturday after sleeping in a bit, and dodging tackles from Kirra yelling,”lets go, lets go, lets go”. We still had to load up the truck, and get a few things out of the garage. Finally around noon we were on the road! I drove most of the way and actually enjoyed it! We were headed up to Marcell on Big Ole (ol) Lake, which I thought was called ole… but everyone else pronounced it Oh-lee. It took us around 3 hours and 20 minutes for the trek. Once there I took the Kayak out on the water and took a spin around the lake. About 8 feet in front of me was a GIANT loon. It never dipped in under the water, but instead spoke to me with its cries, and flew right on top of the water. I followed it around the lake for a while, until I decided I was probably annoying the poor bird. We stayed up pretty late playing Scategories (Frank’s new favorite game which he loves to call scrabalicious). Poor Kirra ate WAAAYYY too much junkfood however the first night and upchucked all over grandma and grandpa’s room… well… mostly on the dog, and on herself. We got her all cleaned up, and she was just fine. The next morning after breakfast, Theo, Jason, Kirra and I decided to take the paddle boat out for fishing. Which would have been a fantastic idea, however the paddle boat didn’t paddle very well, so we got about 10 feet in 15 minutes… we turned around and grabbed the row boat which had oars since the only motorboat was already spoken for. Jason rowed out around a point, and into another bay in the lake… after we had our fill of fishing we tried paddling back to the dock, but the wind had picked up something fierce, and an oar broke at the handle!! Jason took his hemostats and got the bracket of the oar off and re-attached it lower, so now we had one long oar, and one short oar. Paddle, paddle, paddle, SNAP! The other oar broke off too! So now we were actually stranded. We waved, and yelled to the other boat across the lake, but it was of no use, so I told Jason to drop me off at the lake bank and i would try to hike back… which would be a great idea minus the 80 degree slope of the hill side! It was nearly vertical and a very difficult hike… I literally had to grab hold of things, and some trees which looked very sturdy just fell and rolled down the hill into the lake… I probably made it a quarter of a mile and the other boat finally saw Jason, Theo and Kirra… and then rescued me up stream. It was a cocktail worthy adventure to say the least. Also on the trip we went on a hike to Joyce Estate. It was a three mile hike in to see it, and a three mile hike out, so for you math lovers, that’s six miles total! We didn’t have a hiking pack for Kirra so Jason and I took turns carying her,and letting her walk on her own. Kirra walked probably three miles herself all together, and was very very tired. I couldn’t blame her. Plus the mosquitos were getting us like something else! Six miles didn’t sound as far as it felt! We also dined in style while up there making homemade gourmet pizza with Jason’s homemade secret sauce… my toasted angel hair pasta with sausage and peppers, and Pam,Theo & Sue Sue made us a turkey dinner complete with Potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, zuccini (veggie lasagna), and more! Fishing was okay. Most fish we pulled up (when we did) were 3″ long. And by long i mean short. They were the tiniest fish I’ve ever seen. I caught a bass that was only about 5 inches long, and 1 inch thick! Kirra even held him up by the lip! She caught a few fish herself, and I did manage to catch a keepable sunny, and DID catch a Northern as well! Actually – i was the ONLY one to catch anything that was keepable! Wooo Hooo!!!! The trip was wonderful,and i’m already looking forward to Killwory in January!

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