Trying Days

Days have been a bit trying for me lately….

Kirra has really stepped into the “terrible threes” with full force. Each day I try to remind myself that this is a completely normal developmental stage… I don’t like saying terrible, because that implies that she is terrible when in fact she is not…but she tries me so much lately!

Tantrums are almost the norm,and she pushes her boundaries so much lately its hard to see where the edge is. I’m reminding myself that boundaries for her are good,and deep down she wants them. To feel safe, and secure.  Kirra wants what she wants, when she wants, and wants it NOW! The girl has zero patience skills and sometimes its hard for me to practice mine when dealing with the lack of hers.

I picked up a great book,and so far I am really liking it…. “Bringing up Girls” by James Dobson.

We get through it, and she always says something so nice and loving to me….to remind me that she really is such a good girl. My girl. “I love you mama”….. “mama you’re so pretty”….”mama, lets hang out tomorrow”….. all the little phrases I cherish and hold on to and remind myself of… when she is whining in the pitch that humans were not meant to listen to!

I spent the evening (and last night) pulling weeds in my front yard. Six hours total, and it hardly looks like I put a dent in it…..It looked like some lost forest in Narnia….. This picture semi-describes what the flower beds up by the house were begining to resemble. Granted…my LAWN was freshly mowed and looked nice…. our plants were completely hidden by weeds…

Oh hello hosta…there you are…i forgot you were under there! Such is life. I’m so excited though… i could do cartwheels around my house…Jason said that THIS WEEKEND we will put that plastic stuff so weeds can’t (aren’t supposed to) grow up,and we’ll put rocks around the house. Literally…..cartwheels. I just did one in my dining room. Not pretty… but cartwheels.
I just listened to this song on You Tube, and I love it so much.  These past few days have been trying, but I lean on the Father,and he reminds me of His love,and it gets me through it all! Enjoy.

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