Tuesday’s Tunes!

I follow a lot of blogs, and one thing people do is pick different “themes” for different days… so… I am going to try that out for a little while and see if it sticks… not every day will have a theme necessarily… so don’t hold me to anything!

Tuesday’s… will be Tuesday’s Tunes… maybe a song I heard new that week, or an old time favorite I’ve got stuck in my head and want to get stuck in yours….
Today’s tune… is Hometown Glory by Adele. I heard this song at work, because I listen to Pandora, which is an amazing website/app if you’ve never heard of it. You enter in a song you like, and then Pandora picks out songs like that, and you can judge the songs so it really fine tunes what you like… so this came on.. and I heard it today and just turned it up in my ear bud. I just simply love this song! I love how raw her voice sounds. It gets into my bones!
Tonight is Ravioli and homemade garlic toast! Kirra is watching Toy Story 4 (aka Toy Story 2…) She wasn’t satisfied that there was no Toy Story 4… so I just told her this TS2 was TS4…. 🙂 Safe for now!

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