May Days

Pardon my long leave of absence with blogging… I just didn’t think I had anything to really blog about that was very interesting…. Since my last post we did host the Men’s and Women’s USA Road Mile Championship at work at the Medtronic TC 1 Mile which was absolutely thrilling!

This weekend has been a roller coaster ride…truly. Friday we got word that GG passed away. We really lost an anchor in our family,and she will be greatly missed by everyone. A few weeks ago I heard this song posted by another friend, and it so beautifully sums it all up.  I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. I listened to this on repeat on Friday night/Saturday morning….

Emotions came flooding back from my own grandmothers death, and it was so hard to control my own emotions this past weekend. The funeral is on Tuesday and I am giving the Eulogy. I’m so honored that they’re letting me do it. I pray I hold it together!

Grandma Nancy will be missed so much!!!!

Friday evening I went to card club right after hearing that GG passed away, and then went to Frank & Theo’s…(my in laws) with Kirra to show our love and support, and be with them as they grieved their mother. We ended up staying there until 1:30 am. so when I had to leave in the morning to help put on an event, or rather show my support to my co-worker Kirra and I were very tired, but very much consuming coffee.

Kirra raced in the TC Kids, Outdoor Cross Country Fun Run,and had a blast running the half mile!

Playing with worms…
 My co-worker Julie showing Kirra more worms
 Pretty proud of herself!
 She only walked a tiny bit too!
Kirra and Shelly. She was terrified of Harry
“the Easter bunny” [says Kirra] our other mascot!

Saturday Jason got home in the afternoon after Kirra and I had our nap. Jason and I went to Gander Mountain where I purchased my kayak and a few other items. I was going to kayak at Big Marine lake near my in-laws, but tornadic storms in the area had other thoughts, so kayaking had to wait. With there help I wrote and finished the eulogy.

Today we all decided we were going to sleep in, because of our emotional weekend! I was catching up on some of my TV shows when I heard the sirens go off again so Jason and Kirra joined me in the basement. It was the first time…in a long time we actually took a storm seriously… they said the tornado was ON the ground so we weren’t taking chances…. after the all clear was given Jason left to get a hair cut, and I left to get some storm photos…. unfortunately I got a little too close to the storm in Wyoming/Lindstrom and had to pull back without any shots,but our safety was the most important thing. Kirra got a good nap in regardless…

Once I got back to the house I took the Kayak out for its first spin at a nearby lake. I kayaked for about an hour, which was so great, and really therapy with God… I just talked to Him, and really enjoyed being out there myself….it was getting kind of windy, so my arms got quite the workout, and the sky was looking grim again, so I pulled it back into the boat launch and went home for burgers on the grill.

I wish everyone a great week, and hopefully I will blog a bit more often!!!!

In loving memory – Nancy  – August 28, 1937- May 20, 2011

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