My Lucky Day!

Just had the funniest thing happen to me… Driving home from work and about to pull in my driveway when I see two very nicely dressed young men walking about my neighborhood. They waved very joyously at me, so I waved back. You know who they are…. and so I did I…. so I did what any Christian would do (probably not) and drove right past my house as if I didn’t live there, because they were due to “hit” my house next… and quite frankly didn’t feel like having the “i don’t want your literature, and won’t believe in your religion bit…”
So I drove around the neighborhood but decided that was not enough, so I left my neighborhood for nearly 30 minutes to another neighborhood about 5 miles up the road, and looked at houses.
When I decided enough time had passed I went back to my house in a very round about fashion so I wouldn’t pass the “preachers” so to speak. Well I pull down my road and spot them again walking right towards me! Just my luck!
I decided it would be way to obvious if I drove away again, plus I was hungry and Kirra wanted to go home… so reluctantly I pulled in my driveway trying not to make ANY direct eye contact with them,but they walked right up my driveway, and were actually very nice about the whole thing. Now i just wish I would have just sucked it up in the first place because I was able to politely decline their literature, defend my faith,and not be aggravated at all! Ha! I even shook their hands and told them to have a great day!
The only downfall was after they left I went into the car to get Kirra and she asked if they were the guys we were running away from!

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