Another Tuesday Tune!

Well I’ll need to start posting more often or all you’re going to see is my “Tuesday Tunes” posts!

Jason unfortunately got injured doing the Insanity workouts with his ankles, so he’s biking now, and I’m running. We’ll still do the Ab workout, and the “cardio recovery” which basically is the workout sans jumping around! Think loads of pushups, squats, holds, and lunges!
I’ve actually really began running a lot over the past two weeks and am up to over 1.5 miles now! I decided to time myself with a stopwatch tonight, and was very pleased to find out tonight that I ran 1.67 miles at a 9:32 pace! That’s about as fast as I’ve ran since the Medtronic TC 1 Mile in 2009, and before that…. hmmm??? I’d say…. since at least 2004-2005! I’m very excited, and hope I can continue to maintain that pace, and increase it as well! (meaning running in less time). The freaking best part is that I got that pace while pushing Kirra in the jogging stroller which with her in it probably weighs over 45 pounds! So…yes I’m tooting my horn a little bit.
Our eating plan is going great! I discovered today I really don’t like coffee anymore unless it has Bailey’s in it so I’ll stick to water and tea. I’ve also discovered I like black tea the best! I love experimenting with new meals and creations I mix up for lunch, although I haven’t made anything yet that has really blown my mind. Hopefully soon though.
Kirra has been a total blast lately! Every day I’m so amazed at how much more of a little person she is becoming. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything although she longs to spend more time with me, as do I, but we’ve been creating our little rituals together so the time we do spend is precious. I heard this song on my way into work today, and it really sums up life in a nutshell. One traffic light, one changed split second descision and your life can be something you never intended it to be, although amazing,and wonderful it is… (for the better). I think of all the things in my own life…split second descisions i’ve made that have altered my future, and I am ever so thankful to God that it worked out this way!
I was supposed to go into the Army… but the Navy recruiter nabbed me coming out of the Army office… so I met Jason in the Navy recruiters office! We hit it off… so he changed the date he was going into the Navy to match mine! So off to Bootcamp we went! I was supposed to be in the air field, but didn’t pass my flight physical, so I had to change jobs… which then altered my course, and eventually I landed orders in Jason’s battalion. Honestly… the chances are about 1 in 1,000! Jason and I decided it was fate! We’ve had many other situations like these, and eventually we both moved back to Minnesota to get married and eventually have Kirra! I’m so thankful for the life i’ve been blessed with!
Without further adeu, and thanks to my friend Betsy for helping me find it!!!

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