A time to reflect….

Today officially kicks off lent, which I observe, and reflect. Every day of every year we should strive to be closer to God, but lent always has a way of giving us a little nudge, a little check up if you will…

This year I’m doing a few things for lent. For starters… I’m making a concerted effort to going to bed, lights out by 10:30 p.m.
Secondly, I’m only listening to Christian music on my way into work, and no music at all on my way home. I’m using my time on my way home to reflect, and pray. I have far too many distractions in my life, and I need a little time of solitude.
Most likely I will pick up another good read. Each year I like to pick up a book that talks more about the Passion of the Christ. (Not meaning the movie specifically).
Last year I read, Murder at Golgotha… I highly recommend it to any Christian wanting to learn more about Christ’s death, or other history/science buff’s.
Lastly, and I may fail at this one… but i’d like to write by “snail”/USPS mail 40 letters to 40 different people whom I either don’t e-mail, or people who would be lifted up by a snail mail letter or card from me. To show them I’m thinking about them etc.
Super lastly… I heard this song today, and it really really sums up the kickoff to the lenten season.

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