So, as you may or may not know, Jason’s been working in the basement for quite a while. I thought I’d show you a sneak preview of the progress he’s made in the basement. For some reason the upstairs looks like it’s mint green… but its not… it’s nearly the same shade as the basement, but my Android isn’t always the best.

Unfortunately I never took any pictures before he started, so if you’ve never seen your basement you may not have a full appreciation of how far it’s come. When we got the house it was just concrete floor, cinder block walls, and stud walls, and an open stud ceiling.

Meanwhile, we’ve gotten to the whiny three’s with Kirra, and it’s come out in full force! I’ve never heard som much whining in all of my life! Kirra is still pretty good, but she just whines, and acts like the whole world is ending so much now! I think part of it, is that she’s given up naps… but I think physiologically she still needs them very much.

Case in point! We had a play-date at my friend Nicole’s yesterday…[She has a daughter Izze who is just 21 days younger than Kirra]. And towards the end of the play-date… Kirra crawls into my lap and starts falling asleep! She’s NEVER done that!

Today she cut two little toes pretty badly tripping over a toy in her room. It’s the first “real” bad owwie we’ve had, besides her fractured femur at birth, but she obviously wouldn’t remember that!

She didn’t need a doctor or anything like that, but if I scraped my toe like she did, I’d be whining too! She doesn’t understand why it still hurts, and keeps telling us she wants it [the pain] to go away. It’s sad because we can’t really do anything about it besides Band-Aids, antibiotic gel, and love!

I’m super sick of winter, and really ready for spring… but… today, we got another little snow storm, but… it was sort of pretty, and magical in a way…the really sparkly glittery kind of snow!

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