On – On!

On – On!

Its a term used by hash running to say that you’re on trail. So… today I dusted off my running shoes, and got “on-on”. I only went a mile and a half, but I was also pushing a stroller. It felt so great. I definitely need to stick with it. I figure if I stay low mileage then I will keep liking it. The problem normally is… I try to go too far and then I get injured!
Last night I went swimming at Life Time. It was GREAT to get back into the pool! I completely forgot how much I like swimming. The water was nice and warm too. So I plan to rotate – swim/run etc. I’ll probably end up running more than swimming, since I can just come home and run right away vs. drive to the gym… but once the winter/snow hits I might swim more often, although by then hopefully I’m XC Skiing!

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