Great Weekend

What a great weekend!!! Friday began with some wine with my neighbor on the front patio. She’s like a built in aunt, or mom right next door, and we were long overdue for a girl chat, then I was off to my sister’s to make homemade cards…

Saturday we were up fairly early because the septic guy came to clean us out,and who can sleep with that racket? Then it was cleaning day, and then off to the Wild game! Jason got tickets from his work, so they were awesome seats! We ate a yummy dinner at the Liffey before the game too! The game was AMAZING even though we lost!
Today was really nice too. We woke up early again and took Kirra to a movie. Today was “Kirra day”. So we went to Alpha & Omega (an animated movie), and we were the ONLY ones in the movie theatre. Which was probably a good thing since she wasn’t completely quiet the whole movie! We just know that 10am on a Sunday is a great time to take a three year old to the movies! She thought it was so cool though to have popcorn and share my icee with her. After we got back we put her down for a nap and I ran to the grocery store. Once I got back I woke her up early from her nap and we headed for the pumpkin patch with my brother and sister’s families.
We went to the petting area, and Kirra got to pet and feed lots of goats, sheep, and more goats… and then we went down a REALLY big slide! Kirra thought that was kind of a big deal! Then we did mazes and off to get pumpkins! Most kids want the BIGGEST pumpkins, but Kirra wanted a super small pumpkin. So that’s what we looked for, and we found three pumpkins that fit our style. Two seed pumpkins which are really little, and only weighed 3 pounds, and our biggest one was only 7 pounds.
This week is semi relaxing for us! We just have gymnastics this week, which is the second to last one. Then I think we’ll be moving away from gymnastics for a while anyways. I asked Kirra what she wanted to do and she said Swimming. So I will sign her up at the Y near our house. She is my little Dara Toress so while that other kid was great at gymnastics, ours can swim. They all have their different strengths, and no child is the same, and that’s OK!

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