And now that I’ve had some sleep….

I feel like I haven’t blogged in so long! In reality, its only been just over a week, but for a while I was pretty good about keeping everyone up to date on the happenings in our residence.

Last week was the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and related weekend events. Kirra did the Toddler Trot and had a blast, except that she wanted to keep running past the 50 yards… so I think next year I will enter her in the half mile….
It all went off without a hitch, and in my four years there, was the most fun, and relaxed. I was better prepared administratively, and had full time “temp office” support this year which was amazingly helpful, and I got to shake things up with a new race day job that I absolutely loved! I was out on the course this year / vs. the finish line, so I feel like I experienced the marathon a little more. It was amazing to see some peoples determination when they fell back to the pace vehicles, and then fought their way to finish ahead of us.
After the marathon weekend we’ve gotten to sleep in an extra half hour each day or so this week, so that’s been nice, especially since Kirra has been a night owl lately and not wanting to go to bed on time. Lately its been 9pm or so, and then she moves like molases in the morning!
We had gymnastics again at 5:30 on Monday, and Kirra did NOT have her listening ears, or her “big eyes” on as well as the week before. She was wanting to go on equipment that wasn’t part of our class, and was nervous about some of the “tricks” we were doing…. well since our class “technically” started on Labor Day, and they were closed – we got a make up slip, so we visited the class below Kirra’s this past Wednesday (10/6) at 6:30pm which isn’t as structured, and is more like free play, and let me tell you!!! Kirra and I had way more fun! I talked to the instructor, and she said we can just switch over, and there are lots of 3 y/o that are still in the first level and to just go and have fun! So now we’re in Tiny Twisters 1.
Tomorrow is Jason’s birthday – 29~ so we’ll be the same age for a few months!! We’re going to go to the Outback for dinner, so that should be nice, and I think Jason is going to work on the basement! Which will be great. I can’t wait until the living room is done down here!
Well that’s all I have for right now…. 🙂

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