Happy October Days…

What a great weekend we had! Friday night Jason celebrated his birthday and played poker and Kirra and I had a mommy and me shopping spree. Ok.. ok, it was more like a ME shopping spree, but it was great. I got lots of new shirts, and three new pairs of jeans, in my pre-pregnant size! (Can I get a Woot Woot).

Saturday Kirra and I woke up early and went to our MUMs 3 year old birthday party at a family farm down the road… it was so much fun. They got to pet animals, we went on a hayride,had cupcakes, and opened presents. Kirra got a ballerina barbie and she will not put it down! (Too cute!) There are photos on the home page.
We came home took naps and then went out to the Outback Steakhouse for Jason’s birthday dinner with my folks and his. We all had perfectly delicious steak, and then headed back to my folks for cocktails… (well they did… I was sober driver).
Today was another early day, Kirra and I went to the new campus at church and I volunteered,so we were there for a while. After that we headed over to Wisconsin to see Miah & Amillie’s new house. It is GORGEOUS! I told Jason we ought to move over to Wisconsin, because you get way more house and land for your buck!
I think I found a new love tonight! Tazo Chai Tea with milk (Chai Tea Latte) soooo good! It is the perfect evening snacker! I love practically all of the Tazo teas… I’m trying to keep off the pop and junk food, so tea is my new…thing at night. With the exception of Saturday I haven’t had any pop since Monday. Here is to another week with no pop!
Until next time I bid you adieu!

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