The great Minnesota Get-together

Well this morning we all woke up at 8am to head out to the Great Minnesota Get-Together! When we got there we bee-lined it for the ESPN stand to see if Brian and Jill my co-workers would get their babies name approved during the baby walk. Joe Soucheray will “approve” or fog-horn your baby’s name if its a strange name. Well my co-worker named his son Sawyer, so we thought it would for sure get approved, but instead it got fog-horned… duluth foghorned. I think he was heartbroken….

Then we went off to walk, so we headed towards the Heritage Square… while there Jason realized he could drink beer at the State Fair, and I called my sister to find out what day they were going to the fair… we were in luck… they were ALSO at the fair… so we headed over to the animal buildings and met up with them for a little bit. Kirra thought the miracle of birth barn was super awesome!!! She loved petting the newborn animals. I couldn’t believe cows come out at 90-130 pounds! This one pig was having her 14th piglet while we were there, and chickens were hatching!
We got Milk for a dollar, which was one of the best milks i’ve had. Jason said its because it was whole milk and we’ve been drinking skim milk… i think its because it was fresh!!!
Then we were off to look in more buildings. We stopped for corn dogs and Kirra ate the whole thing! Then Kirra fell asleep in the stroller.
When she woke up we got her an ice cream cone, which she wore on her entire body… we gave her a napkin bath, and were on our way….
She got to go thru this “be a little farmer” exhibit, where they put on a farmers apron, get corn seed, drive little John Deer tractors, feed fake chickens, gather fake eggs…plant fake seeds,and collect veggies. She even got to milk a fake cow… She thought this whole thing was rather fun.
We ended up going from 10am-4pm which I thought was rather good for her first time.
Once we got home we threw her in the tubby, and then I brought her to Kids’ Hair Salons to get her hair cut for the very first time. They have these cute little TVs at each station, so she got to watch Dora. Kirra now has bangs, and got her split ends taken off. She is very cute, and it was a perfect little hair salon for her.
Got chineese for dinner, and maybe in a little bit we will practice riding the new bike we got for Kirra!!!!! (photos to follow)

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