Going Rogue

Going Rogue isn’t only the name of Sarah Palin’s new book, its also what we’ve been up to this past weekend!

When Jason got home from work on Friday night he brought me to Menards to show me what he has been doing there, and how much he has to pour, which is quite a bit!!! After that we went over to Chipotle and got a bite to eat, and back home. We went to bed rather early which was fine with me. Jason began work at 2am, and I was still getting over being sick.
Saturday we woke up early and brought Kirra to Jason’s parents. Then we were off to look at cars. We were going to go down to Burnsville to look at the Calibers, but Jason wanted to look around the White Bear/Maplewood area first…
First we went to White Bear Dodge, and they didn’t have prices on anything, and then I wanted to go down to Kline Nissan, because Amillie mentioned there was an Altima in our price range… Well Amillie and her co-worker greeted us, and they asked what we were looking at. I told them I loved the Rouges, but didn’t know if we could afford THAT… but since Jason does all our finances he knows where we’re at…. and it turns out we COULD afford THAT!!!! So I went on a test drive, and found out I absolutely LOVE LOVE how the Nissan Rouge drives. Its amazing.
So we spent most of the day at the dealership, afraid our new car/suv/truck? was going to get hit with hail, but it made it! We drove away in our new car. Bon Voyage Sebring… Jason then surprised me with dinner at Flame in Roseville. We even ran into Rick and Rose, my aunt and uncle! I got Steak Skewers and he got the Lamb. We then shared a slice of cheesecake! NUM!
Finally I had no idea where we were going, and then all the sudden he pulls into the Courtyard, and treated me to a spa king suite for the night, so that was pretty romantic, especially since it was our Anniversary weekend!
Went and picked Kirra up today, did laundry, took pictures, and went to church, of course all while enjoying my new car that doesn’t get too hot/actually runs normal/and doesn’t flood when i turn on the air conditioning. Brilliant!!!
Kirra is watching Elmo with Daddy right now getting some Kirra/Daddy time! 🙂 Life is good!
Leather interior and heated seats rock!
Still have my license plates, and URWILD looks so much
better on a crossover don’t you think?
And I really AM bringing sexy back 🙂

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