Made it thru

So far i’ve managed to visit Gran every day since Thursday. Each day is dramatically different. Thursday she was sitting up in bed eating dinner… and then went to bed, shortly after that…. Friday she was completely out the whole time, so we thought that was it…. last night she would wake up and try to talk, so she’s still hanging on, but we still think the end is near. 😦

Kirra has been an absolute joy to me. Last night on our way home she was singing something in the background, so I turned the radio on and here she is singing Twinkle, Twinkle little Star in a two year old version of course, but still! I was floored. I never taught her that. So we sang it together the whole way home!
I got a new pool last night. Kirra is scared to swim in the big pool and I am having the darndest time keeping it the right color! It was semi-swimable earlier this week, but now it’s pea green… or worse. It looks like purreed green beans, with lots of water added in. Super gross. I’m going to just empty it and take it down. Our new “kiddie pool” is sort of big enough for me (at least) to put a pool mattress in it and get a suntan. No more big pool for me. I’m obviously not qualified to have one…
If I’m talking a lot and I tell Kirra something she doesn’t want to here she points at me, and says “No-No Mama”. Its sassy, but rather cute. Today at breakfast she told me to “shhhhhhhh” and then whispered, “that’s better mama”.
Jason is still putting in a lot of hours at work, so I don’t see him too often, but he has been supportive as well with this whole ordeal with Gran.
This song has been a great comfort to me.
(You need to pause the player on the top right of blog)

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