4 years later…..

Sorry I haven’t posted much this week. Gran went home to our Lord on Monday July 12th, so it has been an absolute whirlwind of a week!

Here is how the week went down:
Monday: My brother called me at work, Gran had only minutes left, so I left work to be with mom at the hospital. Went back to work/had a PT job meeting later that evening, and then went to my sisters house for a bit. I nearly finished my picture movie on Monday, but became quite sad when looking thru Grandma’s very very old photos from the 1940s. It gave us a peak into their life (my grandparents) and allI wanted to do was call them and tell them how awesomely in love I think they were! And how beautiful a couple they were! I cried myself to sleep.
Tuesday: Realized everyone has mostly died in the fall or winter, so i needed a shortsleeved black top and new necklace. Started to feel woozy in Kohls, and by 8pm I was down for the count with a high fever of 102.9. Finished the movie and went to bed by 9pm.
Wednesday: Woke up with an agonizing headache, and after I struggled nauseatingly out of bed I took my temperature… 103.1….. I thought how in the HECK am I going to make it to this wake tonight? I can’t miss Gran’s wake! I can’t!!! So I called in sick for the whole day, and brought Kirra to daycare and then I went back home,and slept until 2:00pm. Took lots of medicine and some how managed to pull it off to get there. I didnt feel too awesome while there,but I made it.
Woke up again this morning feeling like total crap. Took my temperature… 101.5. Grrr. Threw down some motrin in the hatch, and was highly nauseated. Am I pregnant? No… took a test to make sure! Dropped Kirra off at daycare, and got over to the east side way too early. Sat on Grandma & Grandpa’s front step for a long time, crying to myself about how much I miss them. I saw uncle Timmy come too, so I quick got into the house… walked all around, and then went up stairs, made gran’s bed, and crawled on top of the blankets, laid down and wept. I didn’t want to leave… all of the memories…. THIS worldly thing I had left of THEM. It broke my heart when I had to lock the door to go to the funeral a few blocks away. I can still smell their house this very moment. I will cherish their housesmell.
Was quite woozy thru-out the service, but it was a very touching celebration of her life. The priest did an amazing job on the homily/eulogy. The readings, especially Proverbs 31, was just so absolutely perfect, and True for Gran! We went out to Fort Snelling to burry her there, and got to see where Grandpa was buried.
Went to the funeral luncheon, but wasn’t too hungry… went home, picked up Kirra and napped, and drugged again… woke up with my temp down to 99.5. Looked up signs and symptoms and was like, oh I must just be dehydrated….and then went back to my parents for an after funeral get together. I felt a bit better,and on my way home this evening, i felt my lymph nodes in my neck, which are swollen… and I thought… hmmmm… opened my mouth and looked down my throat, and sure enough I have white postules…. then I realized , my throat is killing me!I thought that was just the choked up feeling you get when you’ve been crying so much! Nope. I have strep throat. This definitely explains why i’ve been so sick,and nausea is one of the top symptoms…. Oh YAY! What a wonderful end to my day!
And to top it all off……its my 4 year wedding anniversary!
In all honesty, i’m so blessed to have such an amazing husband who loves me and Kirra dearly. I hope we can be married 65 years like my grandparents were!

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