Time again… for goodbyes…

I write this with a heavy heart.

Talked to my mom just a bit ago, and the time is coming upon us quickly to say goodbye to a woman that defines this family of the Raykowski’s.

The doctor called my mom early to let her know that the CT scan showed a large mass on Gran’s Thyroid…. cancer…. of course….. She has been sleeping most of the afternoon, and only awakes if shaken hard. The priest came and performed last rites and Gran was barely awake. Her breathing has slowed….

94 years she’s blessed us with her life and her joy… her kindness ,and her motherly love that only she could share. When someone has lived this long you expect one day to say goodbye…I still wrestle with this and think its still too soon.

If anything changes in her status in this life I will let you know, and when she is soon greeted by her Father in heaven, and once again see’s her siblings, her children,and her husband once more… i will share the passing from one lifetime to the next.

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