Car searching sucks, and so does getting old!

Searching for cars SUCKS! My sebring is on its way out the door, and let me tell you! I thought finding a new car would be fun and easy, but its nothing but a chore! The ones I like are either out in Burnsville, or Waconia… I mean….where the heck is Waconia? I really would like to get a white Dodge Caliber, unless its loaded with everything I want. (Like the one in Waconia is…)

Next weekend Jason and I are going to go out and look, and hopefully buy one!
Went and visted Gran in the hospital today. She looks like she dropped about 10 pounds or so, and is having a hard time breathing .She just wanted to sleep when I was there so our visit was rather short. What I wanted to do was climb into bed with her and give her a big hug, and hold her and let her know I was there…. but she had too many visitors at the time.
Kirra was a real trooper! I brought Kirra with since Jason’s working. On our way out to visit Gran I stopped by Babies R Us and got Kirra a portable potty seat. Almost right when we got to Gran’s room Kirra had to go potty, and she did! This thing ROCKS!
Because we were at the hospital right after I got off work we didn’t get to eat dinner until much later… like nearly 8pm later! We stopped at McDonalds which we rarely do and got hamburgers and chocolate shakes. Kirra even got her very own chocolate shake which she thought was pretty darn cool!
Sat out on my patio with a bottle of Riesling. Janis my neighbor was nice enough to stop by for a drink and a chat. I really love them like a second set of parents!

I’m really really praying that the doc’s will spring Gran and that she can go and live with my mom and dad, so I can visit her as much as possible! I feel sooo guilty for not visiting her more. I keep saying i’m not ready for her to go, but I think that’s because I don’t feel like i’ve spent as much time with her as I could have been. I had all of these reasons, some valid, and some plain silly,but now all I keep thinking is that I just need more time….

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