Happy Monday

Well today was quite the adventure. It snowed buckets last night, so first I got to the bus a little later than I should have, but I still made it on before 7am. But the traffic down I-35W was so slow that I ended up missing my 755 route bus. So the second 755 bus doesn’t come until 8:11am, and I got down to Minneapolis at 7:50am. Well, the bus didn’t even come until 8:27. So it was 16 minutes late! I was freezing.

Work was really good. Our old intern was re-hired in a full time position, so it was nice to have her back. When I left work my bus was LATE! Then because of traffic/snow I didn’t even get home until 5:45pm! AHHH! I could have drove faster for sure.
We rushed and didn’t even know if we would make it to swimming on time, but luckily we did. Kirra had a BLAST. She got to swim in this foam floatie ring that Kirra swam in, actually all by herself! I didn’t even hang on to her at some points. She did so good. Our Instructor advised us to move up to the next level class this spring.
After swimming lessons we went over to the Shoreview library and found out we could use our anoka county library card there. They had a HUGE selection and I got another book. I got a Jodi Picult book called second glance, which is about haunted houses, and this one ghost hunters quest to find his dead finance in the spiritual realm. I’ll be excited to read it, hopefully i’m not too scared. Well I should go read, so I can go to bed I have to wake up earlier for the bus tomorrow!!!

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