Go Saints!

What a super fun Super Bowl party we had here at our house today. We had Pam & Phil over and Frank & Theo. We just did a really casual sandwich potluck, and chips. Theo made her delicious 7 layer bars, and then she went off and LEFT them here for us to eat. Kirra had a blast entertaining everyone and was in such a good mood all day!

Totally fell off the wagon with my training. I absolutely MUST get back on the horse this week though. I have a lot of people counting on me to do a good job, or eat least not suck it up too bad. So!! Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday this week.
This past Saturday we had a kids race for work, and i got to dress up like Shelly our mascot! I even had to run 75 meters too in this costume! I didn’t know if I was going to make it, but I did. My fellow mascot buddies were so helpful in humoring my “debut”. I’m sure I’ll have pictures to follow up this post.
I’ve been researching dSLR cameras a lot this past weekend, and I think I’m settling on a Nikon D3000. My good friend has one that is very similar, and she just loves it. I found some old savings bonds from High School that I will put towards the camera. I’m very excited!!! Hopefully this week I can buy the new camera.
It snowed a lot today so I’m going to be taking the bus as much as I can this week. I think I only have to drive 1 day this week. I plan to read, and hopefully my bus tomorrow doesn’t switch numbers on me like last week!!!
Well gotta get ready to go to bed. Tata.

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