So as you know i’m taking part of a challenge that leads up to Valentines Day! Its just little things you can do to show your spouse that you love them etc. Day 1 was to greet your husband at the door. I feel that so many times you lose the connectedness that you once had when you were first married. (Don’t worry, we’re doing fine, but we are a bit more “routine” now)

Challenge two is to greet your husband at the door, and HUG.
Jason and I started recently kissing when we part. (which hopefully I don’t give any of the challenges away too soon). In a marriage series at church they gave us homework to kiss your spouse when you leave for 6 seconds. SIX seconds? That’s a long time! But it makes a huge difference.
Jason is a SAHD, so its kind of hard for me to greet him at the door, but sometime if I’m ever home, and he’s not, I can’t WAIT to greet him at the door! So for now, we kiss at our parting.

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