Last week of January!

So its the last week of January! Phew! Two more months until Spring. Yahoo! I used to love the winter time! Except that this winter we’re poor, so we can’t afford to do our favorite winter activities, so when we were teased last week with 30 degree weather I thought (actually) that we were done with cold weather for a little bit!

This week has already been busy! Yesterday we had swimming lessons, and today I went to the allergist to get tested, to only find out that I was slightly allergic to cockroaches! HA! Really? That’s just a crazy thing to be allergic to! They want to schedule a CT scan to check my sinus cavities and see what’s in there!
Tomorrow I’m taking Kirra to AWANA, which is basically Sunday school during the week. They do arts and crafts, and have flash cards as well. Thursday I am taking Kirra to my parents house, and getting my hair cut and then on Friday we take off for the cabin.
I need to get some film for the SLR camera.

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