Week in Review

Well this past week has been absolutely amazing. I’ve had something going on every day this week! Here is our.. week in review…

Monday was Kirra’s 2 year well baby check up. Again I really can’t believe she is two already! Where has the time even gone? She was 33 inches tall, and weighed 26lbs. So she’s getting bigger little by little! No shots this time, however we have to visit the Fairview clinic next Wednesday to get her the h1n1 vaccine, because she is in the high risk category.
Tuesday was my part time job “information sharing” meeting. As always its super fun. We might be moving offices next month, and the location is even closer to my home, so thats exciting. Right now i’m working on updates on our website, and re-vamping our grand prix series.
Jason and I brought Kirra over his parent’s to be watched, while Jason and I went to the Hinder Concert. The venue was at The Rock, which was standing room only which I wasn’t real nuts about since I had heels on. The opening bands I thought were better than Hinder… Faction, and The Veer Union. We didnt get home until nearly 1am, so Kirra (nor I actually) were real keen on waking up on Thursday morning so early!
Got to go over to Betsy’s to watch Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice. She made fresh out of the oven cookies, and milk, so that was ridiculously yummy!
Card Club. As always this was fun!
I got a lot done today. Kirra and I went to Al’s Vacuum in Bloomington so I could get a vacuum attachment that didn’t come with my vacuum. Its specifically for hardwood/bare floors. And it works like a gem! Then we stopped by Rosedale mall to see our friend Lois who works at Lucy, and let me tell you…I pretty much want everything in that store! THen Kirra and I went to Stride Rite to get her feet fitted for shoes. she is a 4 wide (she was wearing a 3…oops). So I put two shoes on hold, and will go pick one of the pair up tomorrow. Later tonight I went to the Trace Atkins & Martina McBride concert at the Xcel Energy center. It was a GREAT concert. Probably the best one i’ve ever been to. It was great!!! That’s my kind of music!
Tomorrow Jason and I are going to Twilight – New Moon. Super excited…..

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