Fun Party

Well we had Kirra’s birthday party yesterday and it was a blast! We ordered Pizza and had an elmo cake from Target! (YUM). Kirra got lots of nice gifts, She got a remote control car a gift certificate to Stride Rite, a baby stroller, some clothes, little people set, her very first bible, an adorable puppy that you can program online to say your childs name, so now it sings her songs and talks to her using her name. Its so cute. And she absolutely LOVES it. She dropped it out of her crib tonight and started crying hysterically! Books, slippers, and Elmo doll & an Elmo DVD. I’ve noticed even in the past week she has grown so much developmentally and talks a LOT now. She can say so much. She is singing and talking to her puppy and elmo right now!

She has her two year check up at the doctor tomorrow, so I am excited to get her stats, and what not. Hopefully no shots, but I have a feeling she’ll be getting her flu shots.
Wednesday Jason and I are going to a Hinder Concert, and on Saturday we’re going on a date to see New Moon!
Then next week is Thanksgiving week! Yippee!

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