Week in Review

This has been a wild week as well!

Monday not much was going on. Just hung out. Went to bed early, it was nice.
Had my PT job meeting. Found out I didn’t have to go to the 5K if I didn’t want to, which was kind of nice to have the day off! It was also my last day at TCM for the rest of the week. I go back on Monday the 30th though.
Kirra and I met up with a friend from church and went to Adventure Park, indoor park. It was nice to wear Kirra out. Later on we went to the Fairview clinic in Hugo and got Kirra’s H1n1 vaccine. It was easy as pie. She didn’t even flinch!
Woke up and went to the gas station for some paper to review the ads… and came home to hang out. Went to Jay’s. Jason’s uncles house for some pre-party entertainment. It was nice to see everyone. Then we went to my brothers house for dinner. It was set up in the garage and everything was super yummy! Came home and I was in bed by 11pm.
Friday: Woke up at 4:15am and was at Kohls by 4:30am. The line to check out was so ridiculous that I left and went to Target instead. I got there at 4:45am and waited in a line that wrapped all the way around the outside of the store. But once they opened the doors it went really fast! I got everything I needed, and the checkout lanes were all open so I only had to wait behind 3 people. Not bad AT ALL!!! I was home by 6am. Jason couldn’t belive it. I told him it was too crazy out there. I slept until 9:30am. Then Jason wanted to go shopping at Northtown which wasn’t too crazy at all…. and once we got home we layed Kirra (and me) down for naps. I woke up and went to Betsy’s Creative Memories open house. There was a lot that looked nice! Her husband is a Ramsey County Dispatcher, and he had gotten 5 calls at the Toys R Us in Maplewood overnight!!!!
Tomorrow I am hanging out with my old neighbor growing up and her daughter Keira (pronounced the same as Kirra). We’re also going to Adventure Park! 🙂 Then I am going to come home and clean and take some more naps!!!
Sunday is Church and relaxation day!

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