Great Weekend

Wow, what an absolutely great weekend I had. Friday night I went to Lilian’s Diva night, and got a flaming hot pink purse. I love it. It won’t go with everything, but I do have plenty of other purses depending… But its big enough to fit everything I need, and some essentials for Kirra, so it doubles as a diaper bag! My mom, sister, two high school friends, and two co-workers came. It was a blast. Later on we went to Washington Square for drinks and good conversation.

Saturday morning I woke up and helped to put on a 5K I did the registration and spindals. It was great, until the darkest clouds came in that made our digital time clock so bright it was blinding! Nobody walked in…. even the 45-50 minute folks were sprinting in!!!
After the storms cleared, my parents, sister, brother and their gangs and us all went to Bunker Beach wave pool and slides. Kirra had a ball, and everyone else did too. The wave pool was a blast and quite the workout! Alex and I had fun out in 5 foot section climbing up the big kahunas!

We came home and Kirra and I were so tukered out that we took naps at 5pm, and Jason went to play poker. About 8:45-9pm Kirra and I woke up to the Tornado Warnings and hung out in the basement for a little while. We were given the all clear and finally ate dinner about 10pm! Luckily she went right back to bed at 11pm, and so did I.
We went to church this morning, and I served in the infant/crawler section. The wee little ones were so much fun and cuddly. I found my “calling” with the wee ones!
Came home, and got some paint, and started taping off the bathroom, and then just hung out. Now its dinner time, and maybe a walk! Enjoy the week!

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