More News

So… the pulmonologist called back with some news. Concrete news!
So, we learned on Wednesday that Kirra definitely has the reflux going on. They also did a regular chest x-ray which showed a tiny little collapse in her right upper lobe of her lung, which indicates some aspiration. Which means that sometimes when she has the reflux, it goes into her lungs.
I guess anytime you get anything into your lungs your lungs really don’t like it, so you can cough and cough and cough, plus to protect your lungs they make mucus, which in turn makes you cough more…. So all of that totally makes sense. It can cause an asthmatic reaction in your body which is why sometimes the inhaler works for her.
So we’re going to double her dosage of the prevacid, and also continue to give her the daily steroid inhaler to try to rebuild her lungs, and keep them strong so that if she aspirates they’ll be able to take it.

We’re supposed to call the doctor back in 2 weeks and give her an update.

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