No More COUGH!

Well perhaps by the power of medicine (the Zpack) or by chance Kirra stopped coughing. Her Whooping Cough test also came back negative. Kirra has been walking all over the place, and has really developed an appetite! We got a new computer and high speed internet now, so I should have no excuses for lazy blogging.

I really want to try out this store/restaurant called Let’s Dish! You get to go to the store, and pick out meals. You make them and get to bring them all home. Then if you’re having a lazy night and can’t figure out what to cook, you just throw one of these Let’s Dish items together, and don’t have to worry about missing ingredients or anything.

Tomorrow is Gabby’s birthday party, and that should be fun. Two is a fun age, she will probably understand more about opening her birthday presents, and it will be fun to watch. I got her Aquadoodle, I really hope she likes it!

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