Post Turkey

Thanksgiving went really well. I ran a 5K in the morning, and then went home to make a rutabega, and some Jello. Kirra had lots of turkey and stuffing, and absolutely LOVED pumpkin silk pie!

Well Kirra had still been coughing, and despite what Dr. Kuku said, I still did not feel like Kirra’s cough could just continue without any treatment. So we decided to go back to Dr. Evans on Friday (11/28) our origional pediatrician, who we really did/do like. Dr. Evans differential diagnosis was either Whooping Cough or allergies. We took the test for both, and today we got word that she does NOT have allergies. So now we’re just waiting to hear if it was Whooping Cough. We went ahead and treated her for it, since she had all of the symptoms. Kirra’s cough has actully gotten a lot better! I will post more when we find out about the WC test.

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