Getting Ready

Well we’re just getting ready for the Christmas season, which is definitely upon us! I’ve taken some time off work, for a much needed holiday break! I’m off now until January 5th, 2009. My house alone is happy I’m taking some time off, and I’m already so enjoying my time with Kirra.

Today we went to Northtown mall, and stopped by the pet shop. Kirra just loved it! She thought watching the little puppies were so funny, and she definitely liked watching the fish! We’ve gotten a new computer, and High Speed Internet too, so that is super nice. We even have the fancy wireless for the house, and then i can take my laptop anywhere I want.
My dad is doing well with recovery. I think he is anxious to get back to his old self again, however I know deep down he is so grateful at this second chance, and how beautiful life is. He’s living his life to the fullest, and relaxing a lot all at the same time!
So far this holiday season we’ve already been to see Santa Claus… look on the homepage for pictures…I went to the Lorie Line concert at the State Theatre, which is always a good time! Sunday we’re celebrating me and my dad’s birthday at my parents house, and then we’re going to my Uncle Joe’s house for Christmas Eve, and I will probably go to Midnight mass…and Jason’s parent’s for Christmas day, and finally Great Grandma Nancy’s Saturday the 27th, for even more Christmas cheer!
Look forward to the pictures a plenty this Christmas season, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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