Doctor Doctor.

Well yesterday (Tuesday) Kirra had a really rough day at daycare. We immediately knew something up when Kirra cried blue-bloody-murder when I handed her to Tally. She was very fussy all morning, and didn’t want to eat or play. She napped most of the day, and when she was awake she was very withdrawn and sad. Tally called me at about 2:30pm to pick Kirra up. She spiked a fever (which she did have the night before), and was making a strange face once in a while. Kirra even threw up. I wasn’t able to get her in at our regular clinic, unless I wanted to sit around and wait in Urgent Care. Instead I made an appointment at the clinic Jason and I go to, which is open late for appointments.
She saw a family practice doctor named Dr. Severt, and he was really great with Kirra. Her ears were kind of pink, and she had a really red throat. The doctor ordered a CBC (which came back slightly elevated with WBC, but was still WNL). She didn’t even cry when they pricked her finger. He also ordered her a throat culture. Kirra didn’t think that was too awesome, but she was a trooper. It came back negative for rapid strep, and the 24 hour test came back negative too. So she has viral pharyngitis. I feel sad for her. Poor thing. Hopefully her ears are just a part of her throat, and that it doesn’t turn into an ear infection.
I was really satisfied with the Dr. Severt, and decided it might be worth swtiching clinics, because this one is open so late. During my lunch break today I met with the only pediatriian there, Dr. Kuku (even tho it sounds the same no, she is not Coo Coo). She seemed really nice, and really to the point. So even though we really like Dr. Evans, I think we’re going to switch. She is even there until 6pm on Wednesdays, and Dr. Severt is there until 8pm most days, so tha is very helpful! Now all 3 of us will be at the same clinic.

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