Dog Gone Days

Today Tally called and Kirra had been crying, and not feeling well at all.

Well I went and got Kirra, and on my way I made an appointment with the pediatrician for 2:30pm. I guess she was having diahreah yesterday, and it continued today, and at 1pm (ish) today, she still hadn’t had a nap, cried the whole morning, and had more loose stools… and wasn’t eating much…so I got there and could hear her crying from outside, I got in, and as soon as I held her she instantly stoped crying. As sad as that is, it kind of makes you feel good, because you know that you are the only one to soothe your baby…
So we got home and i gave her 3oz of pedialite, and that went well, so I made her a 4oz bottle, and he did fine with that too. We got to the doctor, and she weighs 17lbs with clothes on, so that’s good. She will have almost trippled her weight! The doctor checked her out, and no findings, her tummy was soft, and normal bowel sounds, so she think’s its a viral bug. No fever either, so that was good too!
Last night I went to walmart and got my jazzy umbrella stroller, so I am so excited, because now I can roll with Kirra anywhere, because this stroller actually fits in my trunk!!! I’m so excited. It’s hot pink, comes with a basket, and cup holders for me! It’s the bomb!
Once i got home today I logged into my work server, and get this… 400+ emails! How crazy is that!!! We’re in the middle of our 10 Mile lottery results…So I went thru them, and got it down. Most were undeliverable, or out of office replies, but it took a while because real emails were sprinkled in with those ones…
Jason is working downtown Minneapolis. He started at 6am, and won’t be home until 11pm or midnight! How crazy is that. I think Kirra and i will be going on a walk soon with our friend Stefanie. Her baby has an earlier bed time.
So that’s our day in a nutshell. Kirra appears to be feeling much better!

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