Busy Busy Busy

Well we have been so busy! I ended up walking with Kirra and our friend Stefanie (Anna was already sleeping) on Friday night, and we even stopped at the park to swing for a while. Kirra had a blast, and we tested (again) our new stroller. This time I didn’t kick the wheels as much, and I am more used to pushing it. I really really like this stroller!!!

Saturday Kirra helped me at work by being cute and adorable. I had to work at Lake Calhoun by passing out water/PowerAde and clif shots to people running, and training for our marathon. Kirra was such a good baby, and entertained everyone including the runners!

Once we got home all three of us took a nap, and then we were off for AJ’s birthday party. It was very nice, Julie and Matt had the garage decked out for the occasion, and had sloppy Joes for lunch/dinner. At first AJ ate his cake very dainty, and then… he was covered in cake! His whole body/high chair, and sippy cup. It was classic!

Later we came home watched movies and just relaxed.

Today we woke up and hung out, and then decided that Kirra needed some boundries. She has gotten very good at crawling and will crawl to the kitchen in the blink of an eye, either entrance. So we now have the livingroom completely closed in. We moved the love seat to block off the kitchen/dining room, and put up a gate in the kitchen doorway, and we now keep all of the hallway doors closed. This way we know the livingroom is free of small choking hazzards/dog food, and other dangers!

Kirra tried a cheeze it tonight, well a quarter of one. She liked it, but then dropped it on the floor, so that was enough for her. Kirra is so excited to be a master crawler, and she sits herself up too, so she can access toys, and play with them, she just has way too much fun!

We have Relay for Life comming up this Friday, and I think Kirra will be coming to part of it, so we will see how she does! Tuesday is our playgroup day, and we’re really excited to see all of our friends!

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