July Fun

We can’t belive that it’s already mid July! This up and coming Tuesday will be Jason and I’s 2nd wedding aniversary. I think we’re going to do a dinner night, and then maybe do something else next Saturday evening.

I forgot to post in our last journal entry that Kirra learned a new trick. She can now sit her self up from her tummy. This makes crawling (which she has gotten very good at) much more fun. She can now take breaks, and play with toys that she crawls to.

We usually dump out a big thing of her toys through out the living room and let her crawl for all of them.

Last weeks pool party went well, although despite a hot day, and warm water, Kirra still got cold, so I will just have to be very cautious with her in the water.

Jason and I bought Kirra some new toys today. She has a teddy bear that talks to her, and maracas that count/talk/sing to her. She loves them, but tries to mostly eat them like an ice cream cone.

Speaking of eating, Kirra has gotten good at eating puffs. I think when we’re done with these I might try chereos. We’re giving her Yobaby Yogurt right now, along with her normal cereal and fruit/veggies. When we’re out of yogurt we’re going to try cottage cheese and peaches. (i’m going to try them again too!).

This week Kirra and I are walking with our friends Stefanie and Anna, and on Saturday is Kirra’s cousin’ AJ’s birthday party. It should be a very fun time.

P.s. We’ve now droped the crib down so the next step (standing yourself up) wont end up with Kirra crying on the floor. Oh and if you hold kirra’s hands she will walk.

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