Happy 4th of July!

What a great weekend we had for the 4th. Thursday Kirra and I drove into White Bear Lake for Marketfest with Grandma Theo. We walked around and caught up with our friends Nicole and her daughter Isabelle (who is just 3 weeks youger) We also saw some other friends too.

Friday was great, we went to Pam and Phils house for plants, good conversation and dinner. Jay and Barb brought their new puppy, and Kirra just loved the little puppy, and the puppy really liked Kirra so they hung out, and played. I rode my bike over there, which was a great ride. Its about 25 miles. Jason drove the pickup truck, and we drove my bike back.

Saturday was happy planting day for Jason, and Kirra nad I went to Uncle Joes with Missy, Brian, Ally & Gabby for Kirra’s debut for swimming. She did really great. At first she was really mad to have a life jacket on, so since we were staying in shore I put her in her floatie toy, and held on to her too. Then she had a blast. The water was warm. Once we got home we ran some errands together at Walmart.

Sunday was SOOOO hot. We walked to church today, and Kirra was VERY vocal so we left after communion. Surprised. I love being able to walk to church. It’s the best. The rest of the day has been spent indoors with the air conditioning on. Jason and I tried to warm up our pool by hooking a hose up to our stationary tub and putting hot water into the pool but no luck. Its still like Lake Superior. Hopefully after this week it will be acceptable for Kirra.

This Wednesday we have our playgroup, and we’re meeting at the pool. It will be another chance for Kirra to practice her swim. It’s a heated community pool, and it has zero entry so that is nice for the babies.

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