The incident on the highway today….

So… I am notoriously terrified of spiders. Terrified isn’t even the right word…

A few years ago I jumped out of my vehicle because there was a spider in it (forgot to put it in park and had to run after it… )

Well today me and the little miss are running some errands, and I’m at a stop light waiting to get on the highway.  She says, “Mom, there’s something above you”, so I look outside the windshield and I see nothing. Right as the light turns green I look literally above me at the sky light/moon roof where to my absolute horror I see a GINORMOUS jumping spider inside my car hanging out on my moon roof and advancing towards me. (p.s. I can’t believe I googled that picture…) You know the black real real fat juicy ultra fuzzy hairy ones with white or red dots on it?!! I mean it was basically a miniature tarantula!

Quickly, as I press the gas pedal, while making a left hand turn… I grabbed my waterbottle with my right hand, held it upside down in hopes that I will have killed the sucker, or at least hold it untilI can pull over… Well the water bottle was NOT closed, and had water in it so here I am dumping water all over myself while screaming, while Kiki is screaming, “Mommy mommy kill it… get it out…”  I pull over as soon as I can after I merge which was a feat all in itself, throw my car in park with my left hand (because remember my right hand is holding said water bottle on the moon roof while getting drenched… ) and throw my hazards on…

I get out of my car after making sure we were in a safe location (while still holding the water bottle) and climb up on to my door deck (?) to peer through the moon roof to see if the spider is dead… nope… I was making eye contact with oncoming traffic willing someone to pull over to kill it for me, but to no avail, nobody pulled over.

After about 5 minutes it does jump on the bottom of the water bottle (so no longer on the moon roof)… so on the count of three I grab the water bottle and as fast as I can move the water bottle and  set down on Hwy 65, and watch the spider run away. I hope you get run over by myriad cars sucker!

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