Welcome Home

Welcome home readers. Thank you so much for joining me here! I hope that this news isn’t too chaotic amongst the business of the season, with your endless to-do lists, and shopping lists, and honey do lists – and…

But seriously. Welcome home to my new blog home – www.littleblessedlife.com. I chose this for of course longevity, but also as the marriage between my “Minnesota/Family Life happenings, and my journey as I blog about how my fathers death has affected me this past year, and for matters of faith. I am so fortunate to live a blessed life. A life where I have a dear family to support me, wonderful friends & co-workers to lift me up each day, and passions that I have been blessed with that I could have never imagined!


There will be more fun to come in the next month or so, but my lips are sealed for now!

You will notice along the top there is a menu! If you would like to know something specific I have tried my darndest to categorize a lot of my blog posts into a particular theme or topic!

There is:

Faith –
Where you will find posts about my journey along loosing my father, or if a particular worship song, or Sunday message at church caught special attention!

Life lessons that my husband, daughter or pets give to me. Sometimes it’s just re-caping our weekend, or a little family gathering that has blessed my life.

Farming (Suburban)
This one is pretty fun for me. I love gardening, and we own 4 “backyard” chickens that are LEGAL in my city and the zone I live in. (so don’t you worry) I am
passionate about homesteading, and living life more simply.

Food + Wine
I love food, and I love wine, and sometimes I like to take pretty pictures of my food, post recipes, and reviews of wines.

We love adventure, mostly camping! This year we are planning our first trip to the BWCAW in the spring of 2015!

So please update your records for me! You may also subscribe in the upper right hand corner by entering your e-mail address and each time I post it will be like a little treasure delivered directly to your e-mail inbox! If that’s too intense for you, add me to your favorite blog management site, or update your bookmarks!

Love each and every one of you!
~ Mn Lindsey

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